Beanie (varying quantity tracker settings)

Regular price $35

Use this product to test the following requirements:


Product page requirements

  • The product page must contain the following product information:
    • product.title (not truncated)
    • variant.price
    • product.description
  • Variant images must be shown when the associated variant is selected.
  • The product page must contain the following buying functions:
    • Variants that are split up into separate options for users to select.
    • The ability to select a quantity.
    • An Add to cart button.
    • A callback function to update the price for the currently-selected variant.
    • The first available variant loads on a page.

Collection page requirements

  • Products must be listed in a grid or list, with the following attributes of the product object output:
    • product.title (not truncated and links to product.url)
    • product.price
    • product.images
    • At least one piece of media for a product
  • Use product.price_varies to show the price variation. For example, show the range between product.price_min and product.price_max.

Inventory information:

Navy beanie has 'Track quantity' setting enabled and 'Continue selling when out of stock' setting enabled.

Grey beanie has 'Track quantity' setting disabled.

Both variants should be available for purchase.