Are these guitars available left-handed?

We're just getting started with small batches of right-handed models. We're considering adding lefty models somewhere down the road but don't have any dates set.

Are these guitars available outside of the United States?

Not yet. Currently, we only have a small number of dealers in the U.S., but we look forward to expanding our retail outlets beyond the U.S. as soon as we can.

How can I find out about new developments from Powers Electric?

Please sign up for our Insider emails to learn about our latest model offerings and colors, along with dealer and artist content. Sign up at the bottom of the page: https://powerselectricguitars.com

Can I place a special order to get the color I like best?

Yes, special orders can be placed through any of the dealers listed on the site.

Can I order a guitar direct from Powers Electric Guitars?

Sorry, no. We are committed to working with our small but mighty dealer network. We chose exceptional dealers to represent us, some of the best in the business, and they'll be a pleasure to work with.

These look great but I never use a vibrato. Are these guitars available with a fixed bridge?

Yes, every color is available with either the CamTail vibrato or the top-loading hardtail.

What strings are being used on these guitars?

We're installing D'Addario XS Nickel Plated Steel Electric Strings 10-46.

Need to make some adjustments to your Powers Electric guitar?

Learn more about changing your strings, adjusting pickup height and more by watching our Setup Tips videos here