Musician. Designer. Surfer. Builder.

I made my first guitar when I was seven. I worked on it for weeks and weeks. In the end, it wasn’t really a guitar. It was a guitar-shaped object. I watched it explode into pieces when I tried to tighten up the strings. But the experience sparked an interest that grew into a lifelong passion.

The first guitar I could call my own was an electric, and wow, did I have fun with that. I already had an affinity for electricity, magnets, how things worked, but those were overwhelmed by the charisma of electric guitars – their shapes, sounds and expressions. They generate an enchantment I’ve never been able to shake. Much of my formative time was spent playing electric guitars with friends and working on them as I began my youthful luthier journey.

Andy is able to solve problems with musical instruments in the most fundamental way – looking at the problem through a new lens – to create simple, elegant solutions.

Bob Taylor — Co-Founder, Taylor Guitars

Andy is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever encountered in the musical instrument business. He understands design. He also understands tradition.

George Gruhn — founder, Gruhn guitars

Andy consistently surprises me, whether it’s his guitar playing, his guitar building, or his general knowledge about the ocean, physics or pretty much anything.

John foreman — switchfoot
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Growing up in North County San Diego, I was surrounded by a collision of surf, skateboard, auto craft, music, art and design cultures. Now, having seen a variety of places, the uniqueness of my hometown is in sharper focus.