T-shirt (3 options, 100 variants)

Regular price $5

You may need to adjust the inventory quantities of this product's variants. Please follow the setup instruction in the document before you begin testing with this product.

Use this product to test the following requirements:


Product page requirements

  • The product page must contain the following product information:
    • product.title (not truncated)
    • variant.price
    • variant.unit_price
    • variant's compare-at price
    • product.description
  • Variant images must be shown when the associated variant is selected.
  • The product page must contain the following buying functions:
    • Variants that are split up into separate options for users to select.
    • The ability to select a quantity.
    • An Add to cart button (often disabled or replaced when a sold-out or unavailable variant is selected).
    • A callback function to update the price, compare-at-price, and sold-out messages for the currently-selected variant.
    • The first available variant loads on a page.

Collection page requirements

  • Products must be listed in a grid or list, with the following attributes of the product object output:
    • product.title (not truncated and links to product.url)
    • product.price
    • product.images
    • At least one piece of media for a product
  • The Sale badge or product.compare_at_price_max is shown.
  • If a product has variants with different prices, then use product.price_varies to show the price variation. For example, show the range between product.price_min and product.price_max.